How to Mend a Broken Heart

How to Mend a Broken Heart

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• Bella Ross • By JadeCheetah Completed

Chat Noir and Ladybug are known as Paris' superheroes. But no one knows their true identities. Or Chat's love life. 

He spent almost all if his time trying to impress Ladybug but nothing ever worked. Instead, he found refuge at Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a girl who actually was Ladybug but again, no one knew that, not even Chat Noir. As Adrien Agreste, he started to feel torn apart between her and Ladybug. 

After saving Marinette from death, he kept visiting her at night. Will something happen between these two? Or between Marinette and Carlos Taglia, a boy who loved her since he arrived at their school?

OTP: Marichat
Carlos/Chien Marron is created by me and my friend its_nusa_obviously
*The rest of the characters belong to Zagtoon Animation*

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Dangerous21blue Dangerous21blue Sep 15, 2017
I think Chat noir can see in the dark an also... THE AKUMA!!
margaret_becker margaret_becker Dec 15, 2017
It IS coming along well, and linzylightning0 is right, you do have a beautiful name.
JadeCheetah JadeCheetah Apr 01, 2016
Thx guys! I'll try to update every day but I don't promise anything
-aaesthetic -aaesthetic Aug 26, 2016
I can already feel the fangirl inside of me getting excited!!
shortquintero shortquintero Aug 18, 2016
                              He does have night vision.... 
                              Does to being
                              A CHAT
                              YA KNOW??
N3rdyGal N3rdyGal Jul 20, 2016
Is this supposed to be prologue? Or is this a sequel and that's how the prequel ended?(I'm sorry if I sound rude I just want to read the prequel if that's the case)