Behind You

Behind You

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There it was done.

He had filled the sindoor in my maang. 

My name was officially changed to Misha Virat Kohli.

I didn't like this one bit but the name has a ring to it; not that I'll admit it in actual life.

My life left forever changed.


Misha Dhoni is the sister of the famous MS Dhoni: captain of the international Indian cricket team. She has always been there for her brother and will always be. Her life has been pretty simple since she was young and she likes it that way. With her crazy, fun loving nature; everyone adores her. Virat Kohli is just another player of the cricket team but she dislikes him because of his attitude. But with a twist of fate; she is stuck with him for the rest of her lifetime. 

Let's see what happens on this mental yet memorable journey of Misha Dhoni.


Complete fanfic and all things in this book are a figment of my imagination.

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11:30 is just too early for me on sundays...regular days it's 10 coz my college starts from 11.... Okay wtf I'm rambling 😂
Okay, I adore the name Misha. It's also the name of one of my protagonist. 😌
droolingoverpizza droolingoverpizza May 28, 2017
Bruh I'd do a short monkey dance and then go to freshen if that would Ever happen to me
lost_in_infinity lost_in_infinity Apr 26, 2016
Whoa! That was unexpected. but I loved it. Misha Virat Kohli,  I like the sound of it already
JerseyNo18 JerseyNo18 Apr 03, 2016
That's an interesting start..eager to know how she becomes Misha Virat Kohli❤
                              Keep updating..