The Mafia Maid

The Mafia Maid

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Praveeni Fernando By Celinefernando72 Updated Jul 17, 2016

When you runaway from darkness,
You wouldn't know where you will step or when you will fall. 

Its not only the beautiful petals of a rose that has a story, the thorns keep the deeper secrets.

Elizabeth Rose Anderson, a naive girl with a troubled, dark past. Revenge dancing on the tongue wanting to be let out. 

Leo Enrico Genovese, a man that can be labeled danger. Genovese Mafia boss is a man one should never mess with let alone even spell betrayal. 

What will happen when the flames meet the ice?  
What will happen when this troubled girl get involved with the lifestyle of her new boss? 
What will happen if they fall in love? 

Will she be able to stay without betraying the one person she love for the sake of revenge?  


  • action
  • adventure
  • attraction
  • love
  • mafia
  • mature
  • mystery
  • passion
  • possesive
  • power
  • romance
  • thriller
  • wealth
mandyln mandyln May 28, 2016
I'm a sucker for Mafia stories so I'm really excited about this. 😁
mandyln mandyln May 28, 2016
May I suggest you take away the beautiful before sunset? Whether someone finds something beautiful is based off of opinion and I feel like in this scenario you're trying to make it a fact?
mandyln mandyln May 28, 2016
I cringe at the word sneakers. 😂😂 I have an aversion to the word. I don't know it's just the way it sounds and every time I read it my mind alwaaaays plays the sound of shoes screeching against the gym floor. 😂 Always.
mandyln mandyln May 28, 2016
Im a proud wattwormy. And you're the first to ever use the term. :)