Society Denies Us |BWWM|

Society Denies Us |BWWM|

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bebe By frevchwiine Updated Sep 12, 2017

The pictures used in this book do not belong to me.

What happens when the system fails us, when we are judged based on looks and we are factions, when most are beautiful and some are un-beautiful. What happens when some are loveless and some are bathed in it. Those with the biggest smiles are those with broken souls. 

Is it a crime, to rebel, to love, to lust. 

Adeyo Carter an art and cultural enthusiast, lives in modern day North Carolina, she faces struggles as an African-American student, independent and studious, she looks past the comment on her weight and bullying of her bunkmates in the rundown YWCA building that provides shelter for them. 

Pharaoh Smith, misunderstood and a troubled young man, who is bullied constantly by his father to take over the family business, Pharaoh is passionate about art and he is disgusted by the family business, it exploits poor people and it is a dishonest business he'd rather create his own empire, but every Aladdin must have a Jasmine. 
Pharaoh has his eyes on voluptuously beautiful Adeyo.

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foodielittlefj foodielittlefj Jun 07, 2017
Damn that is in loooOooovvveee sentence 😂😂😂😂 I'm weak the whole scene is one sentence
foodielittlefj foodielittlefj Jun 07, 2017
                              When you can relate to her on a similar level. Though if someone spit balled me I'd break their teeth in.
imnotbeyonce imnotbeyonce Apr 04, 2016
a couple of spelling errors, and i would suggest in the near future to divide your paragraphs up so they aren't so huge but other than that this chapter was interesting.
imnotbeyonce imnotbeyonce Apr 04, 2016
their lives definitely sound miserable, but with that being the case, they'll probably complete each other lol
april1222 april1222 Apr 13, 2016
Sorry it took me so long to check it out but so far so good, keep up the good work!