One Shot Collection - Teen Wolf (BoyxBoy) - Part Three

One Shot Collection - Teen Wolf (BoyxBoy) - Part Three

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Hi guys!

Welcome to part three!

Gosh, part three. This is weird, it's all going so fast.

Damn emotions.

But anyways, this is just like my other two one shot collections.

If you're new here I'll explain it: I write one shots, you can request one shots by commenting your ideas or sending them to me in a private message. 

Easy as pie.

I like pie.

Anyways, I hope you guys have as much fun as you had with reading the last two collections. Maybe even more.

Love you!

Xx - L

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daniellashalev daniellashalev Apr 22, 2016
Can you do a sciam one shot? Like, Liam's first full moon after the one at the lake house and scott is helping hom through it and just about him beinh an alpha to liam and them getting together and please make it long if you can🙈🙈✨✨
elcamiino elcamiino Mar 31, 2016
Can you please do a high school AU❤️ like its Derek and stiles first date and Derek has to meet the sheriff and it awkwardly cute?
mangakakuro mangakakuro Apr 01, 2016
O.M.G! I loved it! This is probably one of my favourites one shot you've wrote!! =)
                              I think I made two requests already so I'm just gonna wait for them and then bomb you with more hahahahaha
                              Can't wait for the next one XD
imasamm imasamm Mar 31, 2016
Can you do one where Derek tries to like woo Stiles with like loads of fluff????
elcamiino elcamiino Apr 01, 2016
Can you do one where it's like the morning after Derek and Stiles…'you know' and Derek likes watching him sleep and thinking sweet thoughts. And it's just all fluffy and sweet.❤️
ThePhoenixAshes ThePhoenixAshes Mar 31, 2016
MAKE ONE WHERE STILES AND DEREK ARE ARGUING OVER SOMTHIN REAL STUPID but it's adorable and Lydia records the whole thing :4