The Wolf And I (A GDragon Fanfic)

The Wolf And I (A GDragon Fanfic)

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I nod quickly, hoping he would go away, but he only comes closer.

I close my eyes and raise my hands to push him away, but what I feel is not his clothes, but his hair.

As I open my eyes once again, he stayed still, as he looks at me with anticipated eyes.....almost as if he was....

A dog.

Slowly, I move my hands, patting his head.

"Jalhetso..." I say.

He stays still, his eyes, gleaming with happiness.

That day, I realized that he was strange

That day, I realized that he wasn't normal.

That day, I was saved by the new student.

That day, life.

Idk about that have u seem him play ping pong black hole alert
Omg I love this story it's awesome! Please update soon hehe^^
What does jalhetso mean ? 
                              Sorry im not asian im mexican thats why im asking ^-^