Love At First Bite *Liam Dunbar*

Love At First Bite *Liam Dunbar*

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Stydia By 20stilinski11 Updated Oct 15, 2016

Lydia Martin wasn't the only girl bitten by Peter Hale on the night of the Winter Formal. Her younger sister, Victoria Martin, had only showed up to give her sister the lipgloss she had been asked to give her when Lydia texted her, but instead witnessed a monster-like creature bite into her sister's flesh then leave her for dead. 

That was until it heard Victoria's heartfelt scream for her sister to be okay, then it returned and made the same bloody mess of her too.

But while Lydia became a banshee, Victoria became another one of Peter's Beta's. Until he was killed. Then she was a part of every adventure her sister and her friends did, 

She watched Scott become a True Alpha, saw Allison die, watched Stiles slowly get possessed by an ancient Nogitsune and watched her own sister bring back the monster that turned them into supernaturals in the first place. 

And now, Victoria must under go possibly one of the hardest challenges she may ever face . . . being Liam Dunbar's Sassy Anchor.

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