Just Friends?

Just Friends?

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Selena's POV 

"pssht" Someone started making noises in my ear making me groan as i try to ignore it burying my head deeper in the pillow.

"Selena babe wake up" the voice becomes clearer, Vanessa was trying to wake me up by shaking me and whispering to me.

"mmmm nooo" i groan pushing her away not wanting to get out of these comfy covers. 

"Sel we got school get your lazy ass up" she said pushing me so i fell down on the floor causing me to wake up fully and sit up in shock. Vanessa laughing like crazy.

"aye what the hell!" i say taking a pillow throwing at her as she laughs and stands up walking out of my room leaving me there groaning as i bury my head in the sheets. 

"fuuuuuuuckkk" i curse standing up lazily stumbling towards my closet barely awake. I than pick out what im gonna wear which was a plaid shirt and black leggings which to be honest looked kinda good on me. Before i leave i put on a little make up than off i was. 

"ready?" Nessa asks, and yes we live together... two...

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