The Crash- Dan x Reader

The Crash- Dan x Reader

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Lyssy By Youtubefanatic2442 Completed

You started your youtube channel not long ago but gained so much fame so fast. You decide to move to London to meet more people in the youtube community and advance your channel, but something unexpected happens...

Starts out quite unrealistic and fast paced but the plot thickens and gets interesting.

Highest Ranking: #205 in Fanfiction

"This story is amazingly well written! The author is great, and so nice to everyone, and the book has so many spins and twists in the plot that it's just mind-blowing once the whole story finally comes together! It's definitely a must read!" -ShallontheOutcast

"Amazing is all I'm gonna say. I had so many feelings while reading. Anyone who will want to read this will really like it because it is very descriptive. The story had a great plot like how a real life relationship would be. Overall, just read the book don't procrastinate, you'll regret not reading it." -MuchGeek

"I've been here for a while and this story never failed to have me on the edge of my seat. This story is amazingly written [...] If you are in need of a good dan fic this is the one to read it will draw you in and even make you cry." -Bin_Child_Howell

Is it bad i started laughing like a crazy oh ok ill leave
                              *goes into emo corner*
DanicalOde DanicalOde Jan 15
THIS IS NOT ACCURATE I barely have any ideas when it comes to YouTube videos......I lack creativity *cries in corner*
Kuraisuki Kuraisuki Feb 06
Ooh, okay, I was walking across the street when it happened.
Peebels Peebels Jan 10
I watched you guys play fnaf...with headphones...ON FULL BLAST. So yeah, I'm pretty sure plantets can hear you.
DanicalOde DanicalOde Jan 16
But like I'm kinda 13 so uh, wouldn't Dan be a....pedo....NOPE NOPE I'M DEFINITELY SHHHH
My last name is like Santa or Fanta. Just replace the S or F with an R