Scratches (Fred Weasley)

Scratches (Fred Weasley)

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"I'm feeling so impossible right now."

"But I am the impossible, love."

"Or maybe you're just someone who's immensely bored in Transfig that you reply to random desk vandalizing."

Florence Price: Ravenclaw, punctual, bright. Straight grades with two brilliant friends who she treasures dearly. As she comes across a not so pleasant day, one sentence scratched on wooden desk leads to a whole conversation with an unknown person. 

Fred Weasley: Gryffindor, wild, creative. Extraordinary prankster with an equally brilliant twin brother. As he comes across a not so out of the ordinary day, one reply to a vandalized desk leads to a strange friendship with a mystery person.

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SheepSleep88 SheepSleep88 Sep 25, 2017
other way around, actually... I know because I myself am a Slytherin who lives in perpetual fear of Hufflepuffs.
                               #Hufflepufflephobia #Hufflepufflepocalypse
remusjohnblack remusjohnblack Sep 09, 2017
sirius black can't hurt a fly.. unless it threatened and hurt his family
Dank-Memely Dank-Memely Aug 21, 2017
i thought she was luna for a HOT second right there i tell you right thEere
Obliviate_Me Obliviate_Me Sep 26, 2017
i think your writings great, just publish some of the stories and see how it goes
ptnyrwrpnt ptnyrwrpnt Nov 26, 2017
This is like the 50th time I’ve reread your book,, It’s SO GOOD!!! Like how does one even write something this amazing?
WhelderCousin WhelderCousin Sep 13, 2017
My sixth grade geography teacher was called Mrs.Price
                              Everyone else hated her for some reason