Extremely naughty ( Miraculous Ladybug x Cat Noir )

Extremely naughty ( Miraculous Ladybug x Cat Noir )

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All credit goes to Miraculous Fanatic

"Do you want me to stay?" he asked.

Marinette thought about it. She knew she would be putting herself in danger if he stayed in her room, but she didn't really want him to leave yet. Marinette looked at the direction of where she knew Tikki was hiding, probably listening in to the conversation. She looked at the black cat, who only stared at her back.

Tikki was going to be mad about this.

"Stay." Marinette muttered quietly. Chat was surprised, but then he grinned.

"I'm sorry. What was that?"

Marinette rolled her eyes, and turned her back to the cat. "Forget it, kitty."

"You want me to stay, you say?"

Marinette turned around and stomped her way towards the cat and kissed him as passionately as she could. She pulled away and looked at him, as he could only stare back at her.


Chat looked at Mari, "What about Adrien?"

Marinette smiled and wrapped her arms around the tall, handsome hero's neck, "What about Ladybug?"

Chat smirked as he wrapped his arms around her waist, and leaned in, his lips brushing her lips ever so lightly, "She can wait."

"So can Adrien."

And then they forgot all about their troubles as they melted into their kiss once again.


Marienette knows that she has to remain her somewhat perfect self to her friend and family. She has to follow all the rules and keep her morals. 

But a certain black cat just keeps coming back. And she just can't say no to that face. Tikki warns her, but Marrinette is just too lost in those fiery green eyes to listen. 

This...might be a problem...

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Rainthornn Rainthornn Jun 17, 2017
Flippeed her off hey little cat noir what iis with all the fight little kitty wanna fighty fighty fight
jimin_angel jimin_angel Jan 30
XD lol the puns are getting me. I'm laughing so hard i'm nearly falling out of my seat
MiniCookiesCraft MiniCookiesCraft Mar 03, 2017
This is Mari's PUN-ishment. I think it's a puurfect idea tho. I'll be feline if I said I dislike puns. They're so miraculous.
MiniCookiesCraft MiniCookiesCraft Mar 03, 2017
If only Chat stayed for another min. JUST ONE MORE. Then Mari would finally know the trust. Or is it just me and just wish that happened.
- - May 17, 2016
I'm fangirling so hard right now!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
- - May 17, 2016
U have NO idea how wide my smile is😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂