|The Nerds And The Kings|

|The Nerds And The Kings|

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taoziipeaches By taoziipeaches Updated Nov 07, 2017

What awaits the Nerds when they enter their new school and They meet the Kings
We shall wait and see...


All the comments are probably messed up because i had to change the order and the content of some of the chapter so forgive meee

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Mirror4Myself Mirror4Myself Nov 08, 2017
When he's in the kitchen he's not only cooking but also threatening everyone's existence (mainly CHANBAEK)
Baburugamu2 Baburugamu2 Jul 31, 2017
My future is extremely bright and big and lmao I love breaking fourth wall wtf
taoris2109 taoris2109 Jun 12, 2016
Please write more of this story want to know what happened to tao
btchimswag_411 btchimswag_411 Jun 08, 2016
Okay I told myself that U won't read another EXO OTP story but you are making me sin!!
Diva_Bacon Diva_Bacon Sep 01, 2016
When you realize that the author is right....THAT HOUSE IS BIGGER AND BRIGHTER THAN MY FUTURE
chogiwaAndyexingde chogiwaAndyexingde Jun 06, 2016
Update please 🙏🙏 I'm dying to read the whole story plsss!!!