The Sans Party!

The Sans Party!

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juѕt чσur dαílч hαppєníngѕ wíth ѕαnѕ αnd híѕ díffєrєnt "hím(ѕ)"! (this book is full of Sanscest, trust me) 

    Book Cover by me :3
    ☆Sans | UnderTale
    ☆Fell | UnderFell | ?
    ☆Outer | OuterTale | ?
    ☆Swap | UnderSwap | ?
    ☆Geno | AfterTale | loverofpiggies
    ☆Error | ErrorTale | loverofpiggies
    ☆Fresh | UnderFresh | loverofpiggies
    ☆G | ?/original: UnderPatch((abandoned AU)) | borurou
    ☆Science or Sci | ? | ?
    ☆Death/Reaper | ReaperTale | ren-rink
    ☆Ink | InkTale | comyet
    ☆Greaser | ?((supposedly for Lucidia)) | rodsee
    ☆Dance | DanceTale | dancetale
    ☆Chess | ChessTale | ?
    ☆Katana | KatanaTale | ?
    ☆Dream | DreamTale | jokublog
    ☆Nightmare | DreamTale | jokublog
    ☆Sensy/Senkiller | SonaTale | extreme-op-wuff
    ☆Ganz | GZTale | golzy
    ☆Melancholy | GZTale/SonaTale | golzy/extreme-op-wuff
    ☆Alter | AlterTale | friisan
    ☆Horror | HorrorTale | sour-apple-studios
    ☆Little | LittleTale | mudkipful
     ((spontaneous updates; updates every Saturday/Sunday/ if possible))

BryannaWolf BryannaWolf 6 days ago
I dare G!sans to take off his jacket and sweater and run around singing im a single lady out loud
G IS MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!! *Grabs G and Teleports away*
G!Sans I beg of u tell me the secret on why are u so GOOOOOODDDDAAAAMMMNNNNSSSSSEEXXXYYY
ThatFanWhoDrawsShit ThatFanWhoDrawsShit Nov 13, 2016
Error found himself in the anti-void as a VERY glitchy version of himself with barely any memory of the others or where he is from. You can go to CQ (Crayon Queen) to learn more as she's the creator
milophoenix12 milophoenix12 Nov 01, 2016
Sans is called death and he reaps people because that is his job (reapertale)
Levatton Levatton Jan 24
OH MY GOSH😂 I made a joke about sans being an SCP here and I just made it into a book OML thank you author