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The Sans Party! [ENDED]

The Sans Party! [ENDED]

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dren By drenny-lenny Completed

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juѕt чσur dαílч hαppєníngѕ wíth ѕαnѕ αnd híѕ díffєrєnt "hím(ѕ)"! (this book is full of Sanscest, trust me) 

EVENT: [n/a]
    Book Cover by me :3
    ☆Sans | UnderTale
    ☆Fell | UnderFell | ?
    ☆Outer | OuterTale | ?
    ☆Swap | UnderSwap | ?
    ☆Geno | AfterTale | loverofpiggies
    ☆Error | ErrorTale | loverofpiggies
    ☆Fresh | UnderFresh | loverofpiggies
    ☆G | ?/original: UnderPatch((abandoned AU)) | borurou
    ☆Science or Sci | ? | ?
    ☆Death/Reaper | ReaperTale | ren-rink
    ☆Ink | InkTale | comyet
    ☆Greaser | ?((supposedly for Lucidia)) | rodsee
    ☆Dance | DanceTale | dancetale
    ☆Chess | ChessTale | ?
    ☆Katana | KatanaTale | ?
    ☆Dream | DreamTale | jokublog
    ☆Nightmare | DreamTale | jokublog
    ☆Sensy/Senkiller | UnderNC | anrez-op-skele
    ☆Ganz | GZTale | golzy
    ☆Melancholy | GZTale | golzy
    ☆Alter | AlterTale | friisan
    ☆Horror | HorrorTale | sour-apple-studios
    ☆Little | LittleTale | mudkipful
     ((spontaneous updates; updates every Saturday/Sunday/ if possible))

Undyne is the goddess of war, 
                              Gaster is the God of magic, 
                              Asgore is the God of the sky/father God, 
                              Alphys is the goddess of knowledge, 
                              Frisk is the demigod of Mercy, 
                              And Chara is the Envoy Of Darkness.
iJinxiePie iJinxiePie Jun 17
Classic Sans, who is your besty among those other impos-- AU Sans?
imright77 imright77 May 07
As said in a comic b4: abbreviate underfell 2 uf then spell it backwards and u got the whole AU in a nutshell!
8unnylover 8unnylover Jun 14
G is even more chill than Classic Sans tho :/ and Fell sees death all the time. And Reaper kills people 24/7 for a living...
EnderyCat EnderyCat May 28
                              Bill Cipher: Hey!
I like sitting on the armrest a lot and my mom gets mad about it xD