The Sans Party! [ENDED]

The Sans Party! [ENDED]

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juѕt чσur dαílч hαppєníngѕ wíth ѕαnѕ αnd híѕ díffєrєnt "hím(ѕ)"! (this book is full of Sanscest, trust me) 

EVENT: [n/a]
    Book Cover by me :3
    ☆Sans | UnderTale
    ☆Fell | UnderFell | ?
    ☆Outer | OuterTale | ?
    ☆Swap | UnderSwap | ?
    ☆Geno | AfterTale | loverofpiggies
    ☆Error | ErrorTale | loverofpiggies
    ☆Fresh | UnderFresh | loverofpiggies
    ☆G | ?/original: UnderPatch((abandoned AU)) | borurou
    ☆Science or Sci | ? | ?
    ☆Death/Reaper | ReaperTale | ren-rink
    ☆Ink | InkTale | comyet
    ☆Greaser | ?((supposedly for Lucidia)) | rodsee
    ☆Dance | DanceTale | dancetale
    ☆Chess | ChessTale | ?
    ☆Katana | KatanaTale | ?
    ☆Dream | DreamTale | jokublog
    ☆Nightmare | DreamTale | jokublog
    ☆Sensy/Senkiller | UnderNC | anrez-op-skele
    ☆Ganz | GZTale | golzy
    ☆Melancholy | GZTale | golzy
    ☆Alter | AlterTale | friisan
    ☆Horror | HorrorTale | sour-apple-studios
    ☆Little | LittleTale | mudkipful
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Goth-w- Goth-w- Aug 01
                              (minutes later)
                              *TAKES BOX OFF*
                              A WILD BABY PAPERJAM APPEARED!
                              KEEP HIM?
                              YES*      *OF COURSE
Goth-w- Goth-w- Aug 01
*eating a yellow dorrito*
                              Is this a bad time...?
_Toon_Tori_ _Toon_Tori_ May 19
Undyne is the goddess of war, 
                              Gaster is the God of magic, 
                              Asgore is the God of the sky/father God, 
                              Alphys is the goddess of knowledge, 
                              Frisk is the demigod of Mercy, 
                              And Chara is the Envoy Of Darkness.
Goth-w- Goth-w- Aug 01
Never heard of it.
                              So i might watch it.
                              I USED TO BE SCARED OF CLOWNS OK?--
                              IM NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING ANYMORE
iJinxiePie iJinxiePie Jun 17
Classic Sans, who is your besty among those other impos-- AU Sans?
imright77 imright77 May 07
As said in a comic b4: abbreviate underfell 2 uf then spell it backwards and u got the whole AU in a nutshell!