cupid's curse

cupid's curse

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fee By futboI Updated Dec 19, 2016

❝the endings are always disastrous.❞  

an accursed  g o d d e s s  bound to a never-ending cycle of unreturned love.

a charming  m o r t a l  suffering through the unwanted attention from the many women whom he has at his every whim.

© fiona

Deviancee Deviancee Nov 26, 2016
I read this as HE DONE the star-crossed blah blah and was like damn that was fast
theunalignedfae theunalignedfae Jun 16, 2016
This is written so beautifully. Your style is very captivating.
thatcherdoIan thatcherdoIan Nov 01, 2016
I am so excited to read this, this is the first Greek mythology book I've came across.
vjiminie vjiminie Jul 27, 2016
Doesn't it bother her that her father looks the same age as her? XD
Iukaszpiszczek Iukaszpiszczek Apr 02, 2016
i thought this was erik and i was like wow finally erik youre coming home with the gods