cupid's curse

cupid's curse

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fee By futboI Updated Apr 14

❝the endings are always disastrous.❞ © fiona 

an accursed  g o d d e s s  bound to a never-ending cycle of unreturned love.

a charming  m o r t a l  suffering through the unwanted attention from the many women whom he has at his every whim.

Deviancee Deviancee Nov 26
I read this as HE DONE the star-crossed blah blah and was like damn that was fast
This is written so beautifully. Your style is very captivating.
I am so excited to read this, this is the first Greek mythology book I've came across.
Doesn't it bother her that her father looks the same age as her? XD
i thought this was erik and i was like wow finally erik youre coming home with the gods