Scarlet Wolf ➸ Assassination Classroom Fanfic

Scarlet Wolf ➸ Assassination Classroom Fanfic

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The E-class is tasked with such a difficult task. Killing a yellow creature that can move at Mach 20. With this, the government seeks out help from another assassin. One unlike the others. 

Kraftvoll Kaji might live in Japan, but she's lived most of of life in Germany. She moved along with her father to Japan for his business. Not having a choice in the matter. When her father dies, Kaji is left to rote in Japan all by herself. However, the government seeks her out in hope she'll help them with there difficult task. 

She has nowhere else to go. So, why not? 

What could possibly go wrong?

{ Karma X oc }

Note: I do not own Assassination Classroom or it's characters. 

Updates might be slow.

Special thanks to HoneyLemonTM for editing.

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*cough* *cough* definately me 'cause im a weird person *cough*
ManiCami ManiCami Sep 30
I'm 100% German yet I can't speak German I can speak Italian, English, and some Japanese (my cousin taught me)
                              I'm a disgrace to my people.
                              I got German class tho
KaileySwanson KaileySwanson 3 days ago
The only German I know is Eins Zwei Drei which means 1 2 3 in German
I wonder why his parents named him that... Did they know he was going to be that troublesome?
My sister makes fun of me when i say imma name my kid karma then i say im serious she says im not gonna be the godmother of a kid named karma(godmother cause shes not my real sis)@KInkyELmoS
Abby_Smiles Abby_Smiles Sep 26
Red hair, calls her wolf. Remind anyone of a certain fairytale? Little Red Ridding Hood-ish.