Frankie & Formaldehyde

Frankie & Formaldehyde

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MJones By MJones Updated Nov 26, 2010

This chapter is an excerpt.  Frankie and Formaldehyde can be purchased from my website at

A Zombie Romance that begs the question: Just what's so bad about dying, anyway?

Frankie works at the Happy Restful Sanitorium, a housing facility for those who choose to keep their loved ones around long after death thanks to the miracle of the Osmosis 37 enzyme.  With so much death around, life is difficult-Especially when Frankie's husband, George, somehow becomes infected and becomes one of the hungry monsters she has to deal with every day at work.  Keeping him hidden at home seems to be the only solution, but Frankie soon discovers that hiding an illegal zombie isn't as easy as she'd thought.

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MJones MJones Mar 17, 2011
@AlphaOmega It's a finished work.  You can find the rest of the novel here at Smashwords:
MJones MJones Dec 05, 2010
@tenaciousN If we ever fall into a dystopian future, I'm guessing I could get a good career writing its ad copy, LOL!
                              Thanks for the comments, Nancy!  And don't worry about the zombies, they aren't as central to the story as George and Frankie are.
tenaciousN tenaciousN Nov 27, 2010
LOL! "The Happy Restful.  Where all of your screams are joyous."  Brilliant!
tenaciousN tenaciousN Nov 27, 2010
"'Car crash,' Shirley would say, her words sliding over her big, white teeth."
                              I love your writing style.  That never would have occurred to me!
tenaciousN tenaciousN Nov 27, 2010
Finally, I'm reading!  Loving the black comedy.  Not looking forward to meeting the first zombie.  (Eew, zombies!)