Forget the love (FairyTail Fanfiction •Gruvia•)

Forget the love (FairyTail Fanfiction •Gruvia•)

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"I will try once more. Approach him. But, if he rejects me once more........ I-- Juvia will finally halt her actions of love for Gray-sama....Juvia shall erase every love cells in her mind and body so that I will not go through pain once again."

Juvia has a big heart full of love, no one could imagine her having no love. From the moment she came to the guild, she always smiled full of joy and love. With her heart full of love, she was stronger than anyone else when it comes to protect the ones she loves. 

But to think, one day, she finally had her last straw. She believed one last time but was shattered into pieces. She, then, forgets everything and anything and she became emotionless, she became the Juvia they all met back at the Phantom Lord. She made the world around her rain once more and she wondered the world to run away.

Run away from pain. 

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