Forced Love (boyxboy)

Forced Love (boyxboy)

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BoyxboyWriter2015 By BoyxboyWriter2015 Updated Aug 17, 2017

When Cameron, a male nurse, is called to the emergency unit he doesn't miss a beat. He wasn't aware this wasn't just any patient. By the many scars the man wore he could tell he had most likely been to the hospital before. While tending to the unconscious mans wounds he finds that every one passing him warns him not to get too close. But being the softhearted idiot he was he ignores their comments.

How the hell was he supposed to know he was in a gang?! 

And now Cameron finds himself in a pickle, because now the badass is in love with him.

All characters and most places are fictional and are created from the imagination, the photos or videos used have not been created by me and I do not claim credit for them.

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SpoonfullsOfSuga SpoonfullsOfSuga May 29, 2017
Omfg I have a friend named Kareema and we all call her Rema WHERE R U HIDIN🌚🌚🌚
hetaliarules456 hetaliarules456 Mar 25, 2017
I think that's the point. U see kids, if u be super nice. Than a gang lord well stalk and kidnap u. So in other words, be a bîtch to everyone.  😜
Rema? I've never heard of anyone with that name except my aunt.
TWice-prince TWice-prince Aug 29, 2017
Can anyone tell me the name of the guy in the photo as Cameron? He's so fuckin cute
CoconillaX CoconillaX May 16, 2017
He's soooo nice!  And I'm sooo mean. I need to be more like him.
SangwooxBum4Life SangwooxBum4Life 5 days ago
I almost don’t want to ship them because this nurse is so nice. I don’t want him to hurt or be forced to anything. 
                              Oh well