Forced Love (boyxboy)

Forced Love (boyxboy)

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BoyxboyWriter2015 By BoyxboyWriter2015 Updated Jan 28

When Cameron, a male nurse, is called to the emergency unit he doesn't miss a beat. He wasn't aware this wasn't just any patient. By the many scars the man wore he could tell he had most likely been to the hospital before. While tending to the unconscious mans wounds he finds that every one passing him warns him not to get too close. But being the softhearted idiot he was he ignores their comments.

How the hell was he supposed to know he was in a gang?! 

And now Cameron finds himself in a pickle, because now the badass is in love with him.

All characters and most places are fictional and are created from the imagination, the photos or videos used have not been created by me and I do not claim credit for them.

may_is_swag may_is_swag Mar 14
And that is girls and boys why you don't let your nails grow long.
DarkShadowsMistress DarkShadowsMistress Nov 30, 2016
Her son is a person who needs to go to hell I really wonder how people could be so heartless😒
AnnaYuli AnnaYuli Feb 12
I know he was kind..but that was wrong move and make the person will like u 😏
SwiftieAscendancy SwiftieAscendancy Nov 29, 2016
Sooooo cuuuuuute!!! The way Cameron treats people just makes it impossible to hate him. I wonder how Weston will react when he meets Heather... She's gonna be done.
SwiftieAscendancy SwiftieAscendancy Nov 27, 2016
AWWWW Cameron is so sweet, I'm really going to like him. 😊