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The Ripper

The Ripper

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Koneko_Senpaixx By Koneko_Senpaixx Updated 2 days ago


"If you do not want to be the victim then simply become the monster" 

When I asked him why, that was his response. Those women were apparently victims but in his eyes they were the very monsters whom made him this way. He stopped being the victim & became the monster...

"I do not suffer from insanity...I enjoy every minute of it" 

When asked if he pleaded insanity, he simply laughed and responded calmy. The truth is, he was never insane...He was a brilliant mind, no one would ever suspect but behind his angelic smile there was demon that lay dormant.

"I envy people that know love. That have someone who takes them as they are." 

When we first met, two entirely different people. Two lost souls looking for answers, looking for  comfort, looking for love & understanding. A soul who basked in light & the other who embraced the darkness...2 souls that became one. 

He is my lover, the man of my dreams. 

But to society, he is...The Ripper.

SugaIsSwagAF SugaIsSwagAF Dec 15, 2016
i like how the rest have such simple names while jk has a rather odd and complicated name lol
Miss_Eve Miss_Eve Jun 15, 2016
Um im a bit kind of worried bout the department.. i bet yoongi was asleep all the time n the prisoner will hell break lose.. and he will still be sleeping while singing 'nevermind'..
SugaIsSwagAF SugaIsSwagAF Dec 15, 2016
i might say this *evil smirky smirk* jk no...i'm still underage MWAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!
-mochitan -mochitan Jun 25, 2016
I think that he unintentionally touched them and they suddenly became like that out of nowhere.
Boiyoutaesty_af Boiyoutaesty_af Aug 14, 2016
Uh.. I'm eating Nutella rn and this reminded me of teen wolf...
AngieSmiles36 AngieSmiles36 Jul 13, 2016
Excuse you young man I can kill you with a single swipe of my hand so don't talk to me that way