Forced to be a Mafia Wife (On Hold)

Forced to be a Mafia Wife (On Hold)

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"Oh my god, you're so beautiful," the woman said. "I can't wait to help you pick your wedding dress."

"I'm sorry," I said with a chuckle. "Wedding dress?"

"Well, that's what your wear in a wedding," she said.

"Are you on drugs?" I asked.


Noah Love only has her dad after her mom left years before. He's not much since he's always drunk and out all night gambling and sleeping all day. She spent her time reading books and hoping everything would get better.

Braxton Collins is a quick tempered, arrogant, ruthless Mafia's son and his parents have arranged a marriage for him. Noah Love just so happened to be the pick and she's taken away from her life. 

Now she must live with Collins and adjust to his Mafia way. In the attempted and failed escapes, pranks, and fights, will she ever accept it?


Talks of depression and self-harm. 
Swearing will be present.


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I remember when you explained this in one of your books I have read all your books more than once
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yall gone have to tolerate one-third each cuz the other third is mine
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Don't trust me with a gun especially a knife I stabbed my hand trying to cut through a mango seed today
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I hope you like this comment but I sort of liked it, it was boring.
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I'm stuck with eyes I don't even know what colour they are. Sometimes they are blue, another time they are green, and most of the time they are a wired mix..
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"911 I got kidnapped by a really really hot guy please send help before I die