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Desmond Miles x Reader - A Love Through Centuries

Desmond Miles x Reader - A Love Through Centuries

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Creed Of Assassins By SacredGamers Updated Jul 08, 2017

Y/N was kidnapped by the Templars along with her best friend, Desmond Miles. They both are inseparable, and together they must go through this. 
Y/N= Your Name
L/N= Last Name
F/C= Favourite Colour
E/C= Eye Colour
H/C= Hair Colour
(Just to let you know :3)
This is a Desmond Miles x Reader story. I'm a beginner at this, so I'm sorry if my story quality is not as good as others ;-;
~Currently editing to make this story gender neutral! :D~ 
I hope all of the enjoy my story! :D

The book cover art isn't mine!
The art used in this book isn't mine, unless I say so :D
I do not own Assassin's Creed or Ubisoft! Even though I wish I did ;-;

MerOdie MerOdie May 30, 2017
I wonder ehat they used.... for real now. Chloroform needs 3 mins to put U to sleep if my memories are correct
husoldiee husoldiee Aug 22, 2017
Charlie Scene quote in dead bite by Hollywood undead. "Tell me does this rag smell like chloroform?"
Aimzyrulez Aimzyrulez Feb 28, 2017
I too am on Team Xbox. The controllers have a longer battery life from PS4 having 8 hour battery life to Xbox One having 30 hour battery life
Giggles_the_Hyena Giggles_the_Hyena Jan 18, 2017
"Hey, does this smell like chloroform?" And that's how date night started