Watching Their Movies (RotBFTD)

Watching Their Movies (RotBFTD)

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Wildkitten01 By Wildkitten01 Updated Aug 13

I kidnapped them.... They can't leave until we finish all of the movies...

-Rise of the Guardians
-How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2


ShioriKudou ShioriKudou Mar 26
Personally, I ship Hiccstrid, but if you ship Merricup, then I can respect that.
Giant talking book...😆 but one page 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Breaks hole in wall appears in the room everyone stares at me i look at everyone bored i put ducktape over meridas face and put my fingers over jack shushing him i then give him a fixed staff but the it dissapears when i leave it
I still have to question how merricup started i mean one is from disney while the other one came from dreamworks  how old is merrida anyway? I think she's older than hiccup care to explain how did the ship happen
VilliaRebel VilliaRebel Mar 07
Pleaseeee . I hate mericcup . Pleaseee. I don't want you to ship them in this book