Higher beings don't make mistakes. They're not supposed to anyway. That's why Kylie is what she is. She made a mistake that she couldn't fix. One hundred years later she is given the chance to make up for it. Change a life and get your old life back. There's just one problem, stuborn plus stuborn equals problems.

OopCeeDayZee OopCeeDayZee Jul 27, 2011
This is incredible.  I'm so hooked and really impressed.  Please keep writing.
Ari3ll3 Ari3ll3 Dec 06, 2010
Lol a really good read thanks once again for messaging me :) reading on
EternityIsOnOurSide EternityIsOnOurSide Dec 06, 2010
@author26 Thanks so much! I'm lucky enough to own a version of Word that's really anal about grammar. Half the stuff up there is 'wrong' according to it. We fight a lot.