A Better Life || Laurence x Reader

A Better Life || Laurence x Reader

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*~ Miss || Zoe ~* By MissGalaxy1432 Updated Nov 14

Run. Run away from the pain. Run away from the sorrow. Run away for love. Run away for happiness. Run away from him. 
But why run if I already knew he was going to get me anyways and kill me for not marrying him. You wanna know why I was running? 
I was running for a better life.

Um Ya
So this was my first story on Wattpad
I hope you like it
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~ Miss//Zoe <3

Semellymau Semellymau Sep 23
ILOVEwovles! And i'm like cringing on how Laurence acts... l:p
Yeah but remove your hand or get bitten by a wolf girl like leona
No thank you please remove your hands from me before I kill you.
Get your dirty hands if my mouth before you don't have any hands.
What if I am a wolf? Do you got a problem with that!? Because if you do I can eat you so.........
I wouldn't have forgave them cuz den some romantic shizz could happen