New Kid (Ryuko X Reader)

New Kid (Ryuko X Reader)

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Y/N was the new kid at Honnōji Academy and his day was normal. He went to classes and then lunch was the time he met two girls. 

The two girls names were Ryuko Matoi and Mako Mankanshoku and Y/N takes a liking to Ryuko but when he hears noises in the girls bathroom would he investigate. 

Key: Y/N - Your Name  L/N - Last Name  E/C - Eye Color  H/C H/L - Hair Color, Hair Length  F/C - Favorite Color  T/O/S - Type Of Shirt  T/O/P - Type Of Pants  

Any others will be at the top of the part

GasterSans GasterSans Jul 31
There's no one next to me I'm in between a cabinet and a wall
Zane should've been attacked, then Zane should've hit him with that “One, Two.”
ConnorPang ConnorPang May 11
I'm confused, how are people here so damn careless about injuries
I was once sent home cause I fell asleep in maths with a whiteboard in front of me as I wrote on it 'do not disturb'
Priceable its principal don't let me come at you Mrs.whateverthefuckyour nameis
So we're pussies because we just got called "dweeb". I mean I nocked a guy out who called me twig but that's ridiculous