New Kid (Ryuko X Reader)

New Kid (Ryuko X Reader)

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Y/N was the new kid at Honnōji Academy and his day was normal. He went to classes and then lunch was the time he met two girls. 

The two girls names were Ryuko Matoi and Mako Mankanshoku and Y/N takes a liking to Ryuko but when he hears noises in the girls bathroom would he investigate. 

Key: Y/N - Your Name  L/N - Last Name  E/C - Eye Color  H/C H/L - Hair Color, Hair Length  F/C - Favorite Color  T/O/S - Type Of Shirt  T/O/P - Type Of Pants  

Any others will be at the top of the part

Felinemage Felinemage Aug 01, 2016
I like the story but ryuko is pretty much a god in the anime.... still i love tge story
negativeReasoning negativeReasoning Jul 08, 2016
12 years of school and I never made that joke. I am ashamed of myself
alexdempsey115 alexdempsey115 Jun 15, 2016
Is it a coincidence that my character from my story does that when he is in rage mode and you put that down here
Shibo66 Shibo66 Jul 01, 2016
I already have red eyes so they are brighter author HELP ME HERE
Uh.. That resorted out nicely then a fight, unreal but okay.
Soundsufind33 Soundsufind33 Sep 15, 2016
You dezcribed my demon god form except my hair turns blood red