The Divergent Love (Eric x Reader)

The Divergent Love (Eric x Reader)

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The Goner By The-Goner Updated Aug 01, 2016

(Y/n) grew up in Abnegation with your brother which transfers to Dauntless two years ago. This year it's your turn to chose your faction and you follow your brother by going to Dauntless and learn that he changed his name to Four. What happens when you cross paths with Eric and he find out that you are Fours sister?

The sequel is up it is called The Aftermath.

Please note that i do not own Divergent or any of the characters except for the ones that i create. All rights belong to Veronica Roth

I would call myself Angel. . .just for the Hell of it. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
fanficAcademy fanficAcademy Sep 07, 2016
Oooh this was probably in the description but I read half of it then stopped! Im four's sister right? Cuz his name is tobias eaton and im assuming im by marcus..... when do I get to see Evelyn? She is my mom right?
meandmygiirls meandmygiirls Apr 03, 2016
UPDATE PLEASE!!!! Also, it's really good so far! It follows a similar plotline to the original series but i can see why the initiation would be similar because every7one goes through the same thing.
fanficAcademy fanficAcademy Sep 08, 2016
I said I'd do it and here I am! Im on like chapter 30 but I wanted to go back to the beginning....... im never gonna finish this dang book!!!
fanficAcademy fanficAcademy Sep 07, 2016
Omg nooooooooooo!!!!!!! Not this right now!!!!!! Had to be my crush's nick name...... WHY MEEEEEEE?!?!
VictoriaCarroll175 VictoriaCarroll175 May 05, 2016
I really like it 
                              . Really well put together can't wait to read more