Onyx Dreams

Onyx Dreams

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DISCLAIMER: This book contains explicit language and inferences to mature themes, therefore it may NOT be appropriate for younger audiences. 

"Some dreams are clear and you can see an end to the tunnel, and for some, the exit takes a couple of twists and turns to find. The dream you're chasing doesn't have a straight path out." 

Cecile Tanner. A teenager drifting on the wave of high school, completely content with what was left to her. Her perfect boyfriend, perfect house, and perfect car could all be hers if she submits. With the right of way and her mother's guidance, there's no way she could go wrong. Or so they thought.

After a service project pairs the perfect girl with the perfect escape, Cecile must make a choice, and ask herself whose dream will she live?

Great start! Lots of tension and drama. Looking forward to more!
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