Onyx Dreams

Onyx Dreams

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Got Up By LocalBlackGirl Updated Jan 04

DISCLAIMER: This book contains explicit language and inferences to mature themes, therefore it may NOT be appropriate for younger audiences. 

"Some dreams are clear and you can see an end to the tunnel, and for others, the exit takes a couple of twists and turns to find. The dream you're chasing doesn't have a straight path out." 

Cecile Tanner is a teenager drifting on the wave of high school, completely content with what was left to her. Her perfect boyfriend, perfect house, and perfect car are all hers if she submits. With the right of way and her mother's guidance, there's no way she could go wrong, but that doesn't keep trouble from occurring in paradise. 

When Cecile's pristine lifestyle gets touched by the mess of someone close, she has no choice but to find an escape. 

Darrien Nichols is a track star, always running from problems and conflict. He only stops to breathe, but when he stops to finally see the girl that will take his breath away, he can't help but linger. As he reaches the last leg of the race for her heart, it becomes apparent that she may have stumbled into some problems of her own.

Wildmindxx Wildmindxx Jan 11
Love your writing style. Love the way you started it. Love literally everything about it.
xoLaBellaTami xoLaBellaTami Aug 15, 2016
Why would you say that. Do you want to end up on "Unsolved Mysteries"?
gxldenvintxge gxldenvintxge Dec 16, 2016
Tabitha reminds me of the character Lynn Whitfield played on Madea's Family Reunion.
Wildmindxx Wildmindxx Jan 11
He looks like the overly obsessed and abusive type. Let's hope not or Imma beat his ass.
Wildmindxx Wildmindxx 7 days ago
I feel so bad for her. It's like she jas no freedom and her whole life has been dictated by others.