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I'm into Insomniacs

I'm into Insomniacs

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|-/ Demon_Puppet_Master |-/ By overadventurefalls12 Updated Feb 11

I've never been good with descriptions, so just bare with me. Dipper is a 16 year old boy with a twin sister, Mabel Pines. They were adopted by there great uncle Stan after there single mother died. Then, there's Pacifica. Also a 16 year old. Tons of friends, a happy life, and always cheery. What happens when Pacifica is shipped off to work at the mystery shack over the summer? What happens after she falls for the handsome, but closed off, Dipper Pines? What is Dipper's past and what secrets will unfold for him? And what happens after Mabel sets her eyes upon a certain chubby star-hatted kid?

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