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The unexpected ninja (DISCONTINUED)

The unexpected ninja (DISCONTINUED)

8.8K Reads 430 Votes 24 Part Story
AkiraAndSatoko By AkiraAndSatoko Completed

In the world of the ninja there is a special village that is apart of everyone, it's existence it's not even in the map, there resides a strong group of the called 'benders', they don't have chakra like the rest of the ninjas, but easily could be mistaken for one. Every bender can control either water, earth, fire or air, but there' someone who can control all of them, the avatar, each time one avatar dies, a new one rises.

Nozomi it's the current avatar, the thing is, she doesn't know it, all she wanted to do in her life was being happy with her parents, but, what will happen when that future is taken away from her? Will she seek for revenge? And, will she one day discover the power she has in her hands?

PD: I do not own Naruto or avatar the last airbender, neither the photos of the cover
Atte: Satoko

darkandlight777 darkandlight777 Dec 11, 2016
Its either head or death, most likly death, but eead does not make sense😅
facemaker123 facemaker123 Oct 22, 2016
The story is interesting nozomi it's definitely interesting and I intend to continue reading butt be that as it may this book could really use some editing that's all I have to say on that subject
smilebook smilebook May 17, 2016
Why didnt she know she was the avatar if she knew she could bend all 4 elements AND someone had asked about her avatar state...?
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Dec 30, 2016 you possibly know of the phantom troupe Nozomi? :3