Group chat•phan

Group chat•phan

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Kickthepj added danisnotonfire to the chat

Amazingphil: yo Whos dis?

Danisnotonfire: hi I'm Dan.

Kickthepj: Phil stop talking like you're a gangbanger.

Danisnotonfire: nice to meet you Phil :D

Where Dan is added to a groupchat and finds another lil gay boy that takes his interest.

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Ahh I remember three years ago next April, my ex was being in a huff on his birthday coz his girlfriend dumped his rude and arrogant ass while she was at a 5SOS concert frankly not giving a fück about bs
i've literally spammed my gf with 🌈 before XD 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
-Trash101- -Trash101- Sep 22
Haha haha I'm not emo - I say as I sit here blasting mcr whilst I read this with my emo hair misfits t-shirt and Gerard Way memes all over my walls....yup 0 emo here