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Claudia By RavenAndAWritingDesk Completed

When she was seventeen years old, Taylor Ford stood in front of a gunman in a school shooting and lied about her identity to save her younger, more promising sister.
She told him to shoot her.
He did.
A year later and Taylor has survived, but with a terrible cost. She's lost an eye, her best friend, and the rest of her life seems to be following in a rapidly declining way. She's her little sister's hero and a town celebrity, smothered with a past she can't escape. She's idolized and depressed, and she wants out.

But standing on a bridge, about to jump, she meets Jason Cole, a nineteen year old social outcast who happens to be the brother of the boy who shot Taylor. He too is tired of living in the shadow of his past, and talking Taylor off the bridge, he sees a potential kindred spirit, sparking the idea to flee town together in an attempt to shake off their pasts and re-find themselves.

But life is a complicated thing, and if you add love into the mix, it can only get more complicated.

© Claudia Lennox, also known as RavenAndAWritingDesk, 2014.

gracie721 gracie721 Mar 16, 2016
We recently watched a video about school shootings in health class, and now this introduction seems to hit a lot harder. Once you've seen the real pictures and heard what witnesses/victims said, all of this holds so much more weight. This is why I love your books, they're just so powerful.
KateD_18 KateD_18 Mar 22, 2016
I love the effect of this one! With just the first chapter, I'm already hooked
SuperPanda_87 SuperPanda_87 Oct 18, 2016
This is terrible! I mean the death not the book, I love the book! But I cried when jack died. I just imagined me in that situation and seeing my friends dead. I wouldn't know what to do.
gracie721 gracie721 May 16, 2015
This is my third time rereading this book, and it still breaks my heart. 
                              But not as much as Danny Flint. There's no getting over that.
                              But I still love this book so much!
Kianoromitria Kianoromitria Nov 09, 2014
I haven't read or commented on any of ur stories lately so I am gonna begin to stalk u again... But an fyi I reread danny flint and I cried... For days... Ok for a week.
Geekish394 Geekish394 Nov 01, 2014
I don't really know what to say about that apart from that it was incredibly written because that should be your reaction to that kind of event. Taylor is unbelievably brave.