The Easy Way Out [Book 1]

The Easy Way Out [Book 1]

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HarrESgirl By HarrESgirl Completed

"Harry, we exist in two completely different worlds."

"What if I want to exist in your world?"


I was fine with being single but when love swept me off my feet, it changed everything.

I loved him so much that it hurt. And when he hurt me, I had a choice to make.

Would I take the easy way out or forgive him?


Tame Warning: This is corny and cliché with humor and a lot of love.

Real Warning: MATURE CONTENT including Strong/Suggestive Language, Teen Drinking, Some Violence and Explicit Sex Scenes (for those Dirty Directioners!)

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She was just trying to have a conversation, don't be so rude Harry! 😒
I always do things last minute. I need to get my shìt together honestly, I'm so unorganised!
Snehpurba Snehpurba Sep 24
Well in all group projects there is that one person who has to do all the work. And in my group, apparently that's me.
Snehpurba Snehpurba Sep 24
Harry, don't be mean about your future girlfriend... Wife.... Soul mate.
2oldforthis 2oldforthis Jul 07
😂😂How in the hell did you brilliantly capture the EXACT essence of a  teenage boy👏👏👏👏
Snehpurba Snehpurba Sep 24
I don't think your ego needs any further inflation. It's as high as the sky as it is.