The Bad Boy's Broken Girl (Complete and Edited )

The Bad Boy's Broken Girl (Complete and Edited )

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Alizah Ceesay By alizahgirl234 Completed

"I didn't need your help." I snapped harshly.

Alex laughed bitterly "Oh, right you wanted to be bullied, criticized and hit." he said sarcastically.

I walked away but a hand pulled me back. 

"Just promise me to take care of yourself okay?" he said softly.

I ripped my hand away roughly, 

"I don't have to promise you anything." I took off.

Rebecca Woods has a bad past. Her Dad left her when she was a child, and her mom is in the hospital with cancer, and on top of that she is bullied at school, and her brother Ashton has to stop it (specifically Bethany Marsh) every time. Alex on the other hand is Washington High School's  'Bad Boy',  he's arrogant and attractive, but people stereotype him for what he's really not,

He is actually a really nice guy. One day the two bump into each other and Rebbeca's life will change forever.

So see what happens when the two broken, confused teenagers meet. Will it bad or good maybe both?

So join this crazy ride of tears, laughs, and a whole lot more.