A Beautiful Mistake✔(sequel)

A Beautiful Mistake✔(sequel)

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Sequel to 'The Fighter' 

Life had never been fair to me. I guess it's my fault too. I always took the easy way out.


After discovering that she was pregnant, Shelly learns to live without Chase and not complain about her lover being miles away. But what happened when he suddenly showed up one fine day at her door step?

How do you think he reacted to see his lover pregnant?

//Previously known as 'Our Little Fighter'//

YoungAuthor4 YoungAuthor4 May 29, 2016
The first book was amazing and I can tell the second one is going to be just as good! *Squeals in happiness*
Isabelav9 Isabelav9 Oct 17, 2016
He is going to freak. Oh gosh. It's a. Ad ending. Bad very bad. I can't handle it. Oh gosh😖😱😖😱
Na0hMe4 Na0hMe4 Oct 11, 2016
He'll probably freak and then apologize and be happy 
                              Be happy freak and they get married and live happily
music_n_bks_rml music_n_bks_rml May 10, 2016
Hahahaha. I'll tell that to my sis too! She always keeps asking me, 'Where do babies come from?'
gracieking987 gracieking987 Nov 15, 2016
That's true tho they do this thing and they give you a pill and you can get pregos my friend was born like that we call her pill baby
iamclaryfray07 iamclaryfray07 Jul 08, 2016
He will be happy and then faint wake up and be even more happy