Law 1745 » (5SOS) (ATL)✖️

Law 1745 » (5SOS) (ATL)✖️

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"Due to recent suicides and terrorist attacks, we've come to a decision. 

To encourage equality and promote parenting and ensure extra eyes on everyone, the Official Australian Social Services Agency has passed a new law.

Effective tomorrow, one person or more in every household must have the headspace of a one year old or less. Couples not yet married will be immediately wed, no matter the sexuality or the amount of people.

Officers will come by houses every morning and night to insure this law is being followed.

Anyone found breaking this law will be immediately put in jail for life, with parole and without a court case.

Good luck to you all, and enjoy your new lives."


Where a law is passed where one or more people have to go into ageplay, and two bands happen to be engaged, and might have a secret obsession with AgePlay.

These are the Laws of AgePlay


One Year Old!Michael
Six Month Old!Ashton
Ten Month Old!Rian

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crazy how one minute it's illegal and the next it's mandatory like government wtf
highkey want this to happen where I live so I can have a gr9 excuse to be little