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I Don't Need Your Pity - Flowey x Reader

I Don't Need Your Pity - Flowey x Reader

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recycling By EuclidsProdigy Completed

(Y/N), the very close friend to Frisk, finds themself in the middle of the war between the Takers, the Controllers, and the Alliance. Many of their close ones are killed off before them. Luckily, they have one that they hold very close.


What are they to do when things get so bad they come down to one choice? Reset, or Continue? 

What are they to do? 


This entire book is a sin.

D4tTr4sh D4tTr4sh 2 days ago
So.. We just gon' forget we reading an x reader and go all innocent to school?
                              I see you author i see you xD
SilktheTv SilktheTv Apr 03
alright flowey are ya comfortable with me knowin how you have love XD
My normal temp. is actually higher than a normal person's; 100.7 usually. I burn when it becomes 50% and above.
SilktheTv SilktheTv Apr 03
Door creaks= The sound of a door screaming "KILL ME" and XD pitiful creak and then the title is "I don't need your pity"
- - Apr 09
hold up, Papyrus was the one that Flowey talked to... what if... Sans lived an alternate life as Flowey to make Papyrus feel better about himself. holy sheet. OMG WHAT IF... because he could be Flowey, he stalked Frisk to see if they were in a Pacifist or Genocide Run! holy sheet.
That sentence alone gives me dirt thoughts....... even tho he's a flower,,,...........