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I Don't Need Your Pity - Flowey x Reader

I Don't Need Your Pity - Flowey x Reader

10.3K Reads 337 Votes 10 Part Story
Why does my dad hate me By MemeVigilante Completed

(Y/N), the very close friend to Frisk, finds themself in the middle of the war between the Takers, the Controllers, and the Alliance. Many of their close ones are killed off before them. Luckily, they have one that they hold very close.


What are they to do when things get so bad they come down to one choice? Reset, or Continue? 

What are they to do? 


This entire book is a sin.

MissGalaxique MissGalaxique Sep 06, 2016
                              I'm not even gonna question y/n's dumbness…
I'm the Best at talking to people at break but If I answer a Question then r.i.p
TheBloodyDJ TheBloodyDJ Aug 10, 2016
This is for Flowey to respond to
                              What did the skeleton say to his brother when he told a lie?
                              "You can't fool me, I can see right through you!"
MissGalaxique MissGalaxique Sep 06, 2016
I'm trying not to…
                              I'm trying…
                              I really am…
                              Stop my fingers…
                              I'm sorry…
                              Y/n… MK isn't hugging you…
                              I said I'm sorry…
                              I tried to stop my fingers…
                              I really did.
                              Humping you.
                              I is sorry…
                              I TRIED TO STOP MYSELF!
                              BUD IT WAS TOO MUCH!
                              Please don't judge ;-;
This is me, when im in class I'm the quietest thing ever, put me in a room with one of my friends and I talk no-stop lol
Evilex12 Evilex12 Nov 24, 2016
Me... at the time... when I was first quiet was the begin of 7th grade, I was quiet for an entire week, I only talked to like... 1 main person... I talked a little to her friends but that's it. Then one day two boys came up to us (I rely don't want to bore you with my life story lol)