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Talking to the Moon

Talking to the Moon

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Omi L.K By OmaimaAkbar Updated Apr 21

"To hear, one must be silent."
      The Power of the tongue and intelligence of a human being is what makes them different from God's other creations. It is what makes them powerful, it is what makes the human being rule every other creation. But they forget to listen and that is what will lead them to their doom
      Ayah Beizeen is a sixteen-year-old village girl with a peaceful and content life. She has loving parents, a supportive elder brother and an adorable younger brother. 
      But she is different: Ayah was born mute. She didn't cry when she was delivered and hasn't uttered a word ever since. Sometimes, she wishes she could - she was envious of everyone who could convey their emotions through words, for she has no other option but to keep them bottled up inside her.
      However,  Ayah Beizeen has a special friend from the age of five, when she was found on her terrace staring at the Moon. She talks to the Moon and it listens. Talking to the Moon is the only way, Ayah knows, to share her feelings. 
      One night,  the Moon comes with strange tidings - it says that everything that she knew about her life is going to change. She has somehow stumbled upon a strange path and the destination is uncertain. It all depends on the choices she makes.
      A tale of love, heartbreak, dreams, failures but above all - redemption. Follow Ayah's journey as she surpasses all odds. Is she the 'living miracle' that the Voice of the Moon claims her to be?
      [ Highest rank - #58 ]
      [ Cover by - @MayTijssen ]
      [ Updates: irregular ]
      [ Unedited - First draft ]

We have the same name with the same spelling... waw ;w; (though mine's just a nickname)
zuko_42 zuko_42 Mar 14
Righto, so I bumped you to the top of my to-binge list. You, my dear, are in for a STORM. A STORM I TELL YOU. OF COMMENTS. MUAHAHAHA. ♡♡♡
XLike_Anyone_ElseX XLike_Anyone_ElseX Dec 12, 2016
Those drawings are really amazing :) If anything, they're original ;)
stpolishook stpolishook Sep 22, 2016
Love these! I hadn't seen Wali before. Love that pic :-) These are all so great! I think Ayah is still my fav;-)
Shipra_Srivastava Shipra_Srivastava Dec 17, 2016
He's the one you said is handsomer than Omar? Well I don't really care