Why Doesn't Daddy Love Me? (Brabrina)

Why Doesn't Daddy Love Me? (Brabrina)

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:) By physco_ninja Updated Aug 11, 2017

Sabrina is a 22 year old, single mom that works two jobs to provide for her daughter and herself. Due to working mornings at a small music store and nights at the local diner, she doesn't get to see her daughter as much as she would like to. 

Her best friend babysits the little girl while Sabrina is working. Every day she takes her daughter to school and then tucks her into bed before going to work. But one night she hears her daughter crying quietly in her room. When she asked what was wrong, her daughters answer broke her heart.

Cover by: @SLOTHTATO

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homosexualsabrina homosexualsabrina Jun 28, 2017
ok but on the cover why does bradley look like he's pouting?
ItsJayJay2004 ItsJayJay2004 Aug 07, 2017
Are you ever gonna update this😂 take your time but I really wanna know what happens
- - Mar 25, 2017
Update I love this story so far and plus no one really writes Bradbrina fanfictions nowadays (I've been writing a Bradbrina & Peyrah fanfic)
Justinsmother Justinsmother Jan 21, 2017
Please update I'm already in love with this story you are such an amazing writer, how do you do it?