Rebels || Septiplier AU || COMPLETED

Rebels || Septiplier AU || COMPLETED

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Moon :3 By TheWriter456 Completed

When bombs are dropped over parts of the world, everyone is in terrible danger. No one knows who did the bombing, but whoever it was...they are long gone.

They left everything in shambles, not many people survived the blasts. But some...did.

Mark wakes up in his home, he leaves the partway broken house and walks to the street, no people anywhere. He's in danger if he stays alone, so he goes in search of anybody. And he has no idea what has happened.

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gizerellastix4 gizerellastix4 5 days ago
Honestly crutches aren't that bad. I never needed them before since I never twisted or broke a leg but I tried them for funsies and it's not bad. It's actually pretty fun! I got problems
YOU COULD HAVE BEEN AN ENGINEER!!!!  ..... I'm sorry Mark...
FreeAsFuck FreeAsFuck Nov 21, 2016
If Jack is going to be an officer then his line will be. ." WE NEED TO FIND CARL- I MEAN MARK"
Trin40004 Trin40004 Aug 19, 2016
Oh. My. God...
                              HE'S A FUKING POTATO MAN
Jackie_Quinn Jackie_Quinn Nov 27, 2016
Oh it might be because he's like special..... like in zombie apocalyptic thing and someone is like immune?????