[Osomatsu-san x Reader] "Pick Me!"

[Osomatsu-san x Reader] "Pick Me!"

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Ð ð l l ï ê By XxDolliexX Updated Jul 30, 2017

You were very much a wallflower during high school and are pretty much the same now, even in your twenties. The sextuplets never really noticed you in high school but you noticed them and were in silent envy of them being siblings as you're an only child and have always desired a brother or sister. 

Anywho, you now live in a penthouse and work two jobs: a cook in a cafe and a photographer. Everything is normal when you suddenly find yourself being a rental girlfriend, what happens when you end up being a rental for the sextuplets? Do you finally evolve from being a wallflower when the sextuplets call you ugly? And will you be the one to open their eyes on love?

Find out here! 

[I'll try and update as much as possible]

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Kaboodle_05 Kaboodle_05 5 days ago
If your a good enough photographer, you can get really good profit. My uncle taught me so.
shimmyshimmykokofuck shimmyshimmykokofuck Oct 30, 2017
Lmao I'm shy but sometimes people try to talk to me but then it just gets awkward
Itchimatsu Itchimatsu Jul 17, 2017
Or they could still be living with their parents while in their twenties...
KittyMagi KittyMagi Sep 14, 2016
People don't even know I exist. Even when I was in public school.
I remember the fat photographer from Black Butler 😂😂😂
oumichi oumichi Jun 18, 2016
My mom isn't like that at all, she says I'm abnormally shy...