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Differential Self Deprecate By -call-me-daddy- Updated Oct 24, 2016

Eren Yeager nothing but an impure blooded bastard child. 

Borne from two royal enemies he was raised in a testing facility and forced into a supernatural school.

His protectors two ancient enemies who are. . . Inside of him?

Meeting at the crossroads of this bizarre boy, Levi next in throne for the Underworld is intrigued as to why this quite teen is so socially awkward, like he's never had a n o r m a l relation to anyone.

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ilove_riren ilove_riren Nov 14, 2017
Does anyone see a fat, tanned baby, from eyes are literly lines, then open their eyes as wide and it anus?
SirenNyx SirenNyx Aug 06, 2016
And oddly enough on Halloween. *cackling ironically in the distance*
TheFairyKingMaxwell TheFairyKingMaxwell Dec 17, 2016
Anyone think that jean should have been the man that almost killed Eren? Doesn't that seem appropriate?
WhenIts1013 WhenIts1013 Oct 16, 2016
Hey! Reply if you too are a bâstard child!! I haven't met many.
XxWhiteNekoxX XxWhiteNekoxX Jan 18, 2017
That's really cool, especially how u took the time to draw/write all of that. I hope u don't mind me drawing Eren! 😉
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Jan 24, 2017
1 2 3 4 I declare a time war 
                              5 6 7 8 Darleks scream EXTERMINATE!
                              9 10 11 12...