SkyMedia OneShots! .:.REQUESTS OPEN.:.

SkyMedia OneShots! .:.REQUESTS OPEN.:.

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Born to ship Viktuuri By Dat_AnimeFanatic Updated Nov 05, 2016

Hewo random person number 62938! Here is our collection of oneshots consisting of the SkyMedia People!

Requests are open and 'x Readers' Are definitely allowed!

No Ocs tho.

And no requesting of

Deeyz nuytz

Bree_Is_Cool_7 Bree_Is_Cool_7 Jun 21, 2016
Sans is awesome.
                              He is the punmaster.
                              He is mysteriously magical.
                              (I AM 296 PEOPLE! WE WIN!)
Kurple_G Kurple_G May 29, 2016
I don't know why but what does 'my own generated chapter' mean? I'm sorry if I offend or I look le stupid XD
madjono madjono Jul 11, 2016
sans is the pun master and is more than awesome, more than rossome, he MADSOME
weahyap weahyap Jun 28, 2016
I know what those love teams mean.Hey Myka i thought Mian was spelled as Myan because of My in Myka and An in you know who he is.
iPercabethForever iPercabethForever Aug 14, 2016
Can you do another Shelby x Max, or a Ross x Female Reader? Just a request! And thanks in advance if you do this!
xXSilverW0lfXx178 xXSilverW0lfXx178 Jul 23, 2016
At least nobody ships meh with someone else, thank the Lord.