Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistake

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✢ the originals ✢ By Lexy_VLover Updated 5 days ago

❝and i can't help but stare, cause i see truth somewhere in your eyes❞

When Violetta's parents' business starts to down the drain, she's the only one that can help it. So she made a deal with the devil, and his father. She's thrown into a huge lie, and the devil is her partner in crime. Hatred burned between them, but after all, there's a thin line between love and hate. 

@Lexy_VLover 2016

[status : ongoing]

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-aprilsangel- -aprilsangel- Mar 20, 2017
Great Chapter! Will there be more Leoncesca in this book? I love them!!!
Cd9768 Cd9768 May 12, 2016
Are you telling me, Lexus wrote a dieletta book? And I didn't know about it? Super excited!
Cd9768 Cd9768 May 12, 2016
Diggy! Image!!! Everyone thinks your a manslut! CLEAN YOURSELF UP MAN!! CLEAN YOURSELF UP!!!
Cd9768 Cd9768 May 12, 2016
Aww no diggy! Why'd you have to go and get yourself a bad reputation? You ain't never gonna live it down!
Cd9768 Cd9768 May 12, 2016
Aww! Am I the only one fangirling over her friendship with Andrea? Seriously! They are never friends in any books!
Cd9768 Cd9768 May 12, 2016
Love it!!! Me and my Brian is happy☺️ very happy. Isn't that right @LeenDabaja