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Sans x Frisk Oneshots

Sans x Frisk Oneshots

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EeveeGirl518 By EeveeGirl518 Updated Jan 15

WARNING: If you don't like the ship then don't read it!

Just a bunch of Sans X Frisk oneshotes :3

ArtAngel714 ArtAngel714 Mar 12
Frisk manly sounds like a girl name, and they look somewhat like a girl in the game too. So I'm just gonna stick with first being a girl
Neko_Sayumi Neko_Sayumi Nov 21, 2016
I'm Charisk, Frans, Chariel & Friel! I DON'T CARE IF THE SHIP GETS HATE, IF IT'S CUTE I SHIP IT!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry fellow writer! I, the amazing neko overlord, Neko Sayumi (Also known as Al) shall keeps the haters away!
MLPforthwin1342 MLPforthwin1342 Dec 31, 2016
                              and also honestly, I still ship toriel and asgore together. I mean, who else is gonna have another goat baby?
I see Frisk as a girl to because they not only look like a girl the the name Frisk sounds like a girl name (not sexist)
UnfoldedMystery UnfoldedMystery May 20, 2016
Dont mind what the Soriel, Charisk and Frasriel shippers! Just follower your dreams, dont let your dreams be dreams.. JUST DO IT!!
- - Oct 14, 2016
LOL, I'm all for Charisk myself (it's my OTP) and I don't hate this at all! XD I love this ship as much as I do Charisk, and I have to agree with you. They are adorable, aren't they? :3