LOST || BTS Jungkook Fanfic

LOST || BTS Jungkook Fanfic

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• 채연 • By violinekookie Updated Dec 31, 2017

A popular girl that everyone admired, hides an incredibly overwhelming pain hidden behind her stunning smile. 

She just wanted to be free from problems. Yet she knew that it's impossible. She ended up plunged into misery, trapped.

She can't find the right path. She wanted everything to be normal. Yet everything constantly pushed her away without rest. She's lost within this non-stop rainstorm 

She was LOST until she met..


We're fated to be each other. But why do it feels like it's US against the WORLD?

Are we even meant to be together?

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JeonRoseSuji JeonRoseSuji Mar 20, 2017
Wait........What......... I-i thought your mom passed away................
- - Mar 10, 2017
I see Oh Hana - Oh hana means family and family never gets left behind
                              I feel like I need to make this reference okay! 😂 I love Lilo and Stitch
Vivzielock_studios Vivzielock_studios Jun 27, 2017
Me irl. Even people who think they know when I'm sad and happy, really just see me acting. I genuinely can't smile, laugh, or find actually happiness. But that's why Kpop and online friends saved me
athenawilliams_ athenawilliams_ May 02, 2017
This isn't me because I hide my pain with fake happiness and fake laughter.
blucy1 blucy1 Mar 31, 2017
Wait. How do you know the story of my life. I hate that I can't show my emotions properly, and sometimes just hide all my feelings behind a simple smile. Even my mom wants to put me in therapy because I don't like myself and I can't express myself freely.
                              And that's funny since I'm a writer.
-wcnhoeee -wcnhoeee Feb 14, 2017