I Can't Forget (Adrienette AU)

I Can't Forget (Adrienette AU)

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Yum Yum Tree By 1228load Updated Aug 13

Adrien and Marinette WERE happily married until one event came across their marriage and it lead to divorce.

4 years later, Adrien owns and teaches in an art school while Marinette decides to work in her parents' bakery. Then one day, fate leads the both of them to see each other again. 

Will there be a chance for forgiveness?

"Men have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed."

 - The fox (The Little Prince)

Cover by: @frostedlaterns

I do not own the characters. This story comes straight from my imagination. Please do not copy it. Thank you.

Manimatsu Manimatsu May 14
Very good so far! I seriously need to read more of this.
                              // it's sad I can't vote at the moment //
If people hate then the miss the best story they will ever read
liljjkkth liljjkkth Apr 06
Read your book before and would like to say it's still a great rr!! Love it❤️❤️
It's spelled as Prologue, not Prolouge. I thought I'd let you know.  :)
Now I'm scared and thrilled....I'm predicting that someone's going to die in the end🤔
archalexcel archalexcel Jun 19, 2016
I love tragedy, so I'm actually surprised they aren't common in the fandom.