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A Deal With The Devil

A Deal With The Devil

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Karlah. By strawberrylips14 Updated Jan 13

Are you willing to take the risk in the name of love? 

Love is like a gambling game. You have to take the risk even you don't know what the consequences will be if you lose. Even if you can't afford to lose... 

Are you going to enter in the game?

Meet Isabella who foolishly loved Simon to the tiniest bits. However, she fell into a devil. Her love was so strong to follow his wishes without wasting any minute. But he is a devil. He's ruthless and cruel and proud. 

She don't know why she fell in love. But it all started with..... 

A Deal With The Devil.

blare_lina blare_lina Jun 02, 2016
It was interesting. By title, I thought it was going to be supernatural one but now I don't think so. Lol. No worries though. I don't brag about the grammar as nobody can actually have perfection in that. Apart from that I liked it. Keep writing :) *
awakened_dreams awakened_dreams Jun 02, 2016
The plot is good. The only problem is grammar and punctuation which you could edit over time. But on the whole you did a good job. 😊
parrot1234 parrot1234 May 23, 2016
You really did a good job on explaining isabellas financial situation, but the accidentally bumping into the guy scene is common and a bit cliche.
infinitexinsprt infinitexinsprt Jun 03, 2016
*there's po hehehe. 'Their' is used as a possesive pronoun :)
WhiteEmpress08 WhiteEmpress08 May 22, 2016
 #CRBC Gosh, Your grammars are perfect! I wish I could be you . And about your plot, It seems very interesting that you could describe the setting properly. But you story gives me creeps which is good because it means that you story hit me!
junellogist junellogist May 11, 2016
This is a fresh and good start! I see you've worked on being consistent witg the tenses and continue with that. I just notice some problems with the quotation but they're just small details you can fix them right away. Well done!