The Beauty of a Beast™

The Beauty of a Beast™

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Dani By BeautifulMelodyxx Updated Sep 03

Na'harie and Justin Bieber were the mafia's golden couple.
No one could top them, nor dare to try.
Life for the Biebers was going so swimmingly, until...The cracks started showing

Though through faith, strong in their marriage, they felt that they would overcome anything.
Justin has it all now, family, money, power, and notoriety.
Na'harie has everything she could ever need: her husband, her family, and nothing else mattered...

But when certain people try to take all of that away from them...

All Hell will officially break loose...

"Justin, I don't know how much more of this I can take."

"We'll get through this, Na'harie...Remember, we're in this together..."

You never really know the Beauty of a Beast, until you've tested its limits....


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kiara__________ kiara__________ Aug 07, 2016
Please if she does die just let them take her to the hospital and she is pronounced dead  on scene but they don't stop giving up and she stays alive 😩😩😩please man she has to stay alive they need to be happy with a family at the end 😭😭😭
Wtf where Justin at tho do i need to jump in this book and kick ass or is Justin gon show up
BabyJayLove_ BabyJayLove_ May 23, 2016
but I know this gunna happen at some point in the story and I'm so damn scared right now 😩😩
wild_with_BIEBER wild_with_BIEBER May 18, 2016
eskeettiitt eskeettiitt Jul 02, 2016
oh shoot if you have this song in this book. something bad is going  happen, I'm predicting.
-bitchinn -bitchinn Jun 20, 2016
                               "Definition of: 
                              Seemingly - To give the impression of; appears to be; apparently. 
                              I'm gonna cheer myself up and say she's not dead... she only looks dead."