(Undertale) Trapped Souls - Chara x Sans (R 16+)

(Undertale) Trapped Souls - Chara x Sans (R 16+)

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FenrirWolfe By FenrirWolfe Updated Aug 08, 2016

Sans knew Chara Dreemurr long before Frisk fell and all the numerous RESETs - he just forgot all about it and someone wasn't happy about it. 

[Chara is female in this fic; Don't know if this fic should have trigger warnings but I'm putting it there anyways] 

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MoonysLife MoonysLife Oct 09, 2017
*When you read too much NSFW fanfic*
                              [Dirty thoughts came because of reading it the wrong way]
Bunnythehopper123 Bunnythehopper123 Jun 02, 2017
lol he pressed the switch and everything exploded the end xD
mimoo13 mimoo13 Jul 28, 2017
Listening to "Lost My Mind" while reading this and it fits the story line way to well
FenrirWolfe FenrirWolfe Jun 02, 2017
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA ( I wasn't t planning on commenting so i could have a comeback like a BAMF BUT DAMN HAHAHAHHHAHAAHHHAHAHAHHA, if you only knew the plans i have in store )