Imperial (Superseded)

Imperial (Superseded)

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This is the superannuated version of Imperial - you can find the rewritten (and completed) version up on my profile. 

Slave to humans for all twenty years of her life, a young silver dragoness, Argentum, longs for freedom. When she is finally given that opportunity, she, alongside a young red drake, Rutilus, escapes to the wild.  But in the wild, one needs to know how to be a real dragon in order to survive. Lucky for them, an ancient dragon takes pity on them, and teaches them himself.
But it is not as easy as that. As Argentum and Rutilus learn more about their own species, and the ancient dragon's own history, they are plunged head first into a battle against kings as they try to right ancient wrongs, and by doing so, the fate of all the dragons are in their talons.

Cover art goes to @Moon_Cloud
56th in Fantasy- 10th of December
47th in Fantasy- 23rd of October, 2016
48th in Fantasy- 4th of October, 2016
53rd in Fantasy- 24th of September, 2016
59th in Fantasy- 18th of September, 2016

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Darkwing22 Darkwing22 Jul 16, 2017
I give up looking for other books, I wanted to wait for you to complete your edited version but there is literally nothing else out there
Darkwing22 Darkwing22 Jul 16, 2017
Oh beginning readers... the things you don't know. For all her dreaming... the answer being so close
dragonfighter21 dragonfighter21 Sep 03, 2016
this first chapter was good. introducing the dragon was great.
Live--Love--Laugh Live--Love--Laugh Jan 26, 2017
Lots of detail! It really makes the reader feel more connected to the story.
crazyjans crazyjans Jan 31, 2017
Wow, amazing book, can't believe I'm commenting because this book has been out since when, one question tho, if the knife had been used so much, why did she just know about it a month ago?
skywing443 skywing443 Oct 23, 2016
Cool! It's really interesting and a bit unique that these dragons can't breathe fire